Deb's Steel Cut Oats with Fresh Berries

I make this for groups when I am catering at The Stillheart Institute,  in Woodside, California.  Everyone loves it(well I'm sure not everyone!  But most!) and I am finally taking virtual pen to paper to share it!  This one's for you Carrie!  Hope you enjoy it! xo

Deb's Steel Cut Oats with Fresh Berries

1 1/2  C Steel Cut Oats
3 C Water
1/4 t Salt

Mix all ingredients together and boil until oats are tender.

When oats are tender add:
1/4 C Brown sugar
2-3 C Fresh Berries ( Frozen berries can be used)

Stir until brown sugar & berries are incorporated. 
Serve with fresh berries on top!


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