Fruited Couscous

1 C Orange Juice
1 C Water
2 T Butter
1/4 t Salt
Bring above ingredients to a boil then add:
2 C Whole Wheat Couscous
Take off heat, cover and let stand for 5 minutes.

1/3 C Dried Cranberries
1/3 C Dried Mango, Chopped
1/3 C Dry Roasted Pistachios, shelled
1/3 C Sliced Green Onions
1/2 C Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar, (This vinegar is at Trader Joe's, if not available in your area combine 1/4 C Orange Juice & 1/4 C Cider Vinegar)
Toss Together and serve.

For a little spice you can substitute or add Dried Chili Mango & Dried Chili Pineapple. Available at Trader Joe's and most Latin Markets.

Background: I love this recipe for its ease and flavor. Serve it warm with pork, or cold with grilled salmon. Play with it and add your favorite dried fruits! xo


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