Roasted Turkey Salad

3 C Cooked Turkey, Cubed
1 C Red Wine Vinegar
3/4 C Mayonnaise, Best Foods
3/4 C Greek Yogurt, Nonfat is ok
2 C Red Seedless Grapes, Halved
1/2 C Walnuts, Chopped
1 C Celery, Chopped
1/4 C Italian Parsley, Chopped, plus some for garnish
Salt & Pepper to taste

1 Lb Spring Mix or Favorite Greens

Mix together red wine vinegar, salt & pepper. Toss turkey in red wine mixture. Drain off excess vinegar. Mix mayonnaise and yogurt in a large bowl. Add turkey, grapes, walnuts & celery, mix thoroughly. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
To serve place desired amount of greens on plate top in the middle with turkey salad. Garnish with Italian parsley. Serve.

Background: I always love left over turkey, but by the third of forth day I want to use the turkey in a completely different way. I came up with this refreshing salad. This would be great in a sandwich or with a bowl of French Onion Soup! xo


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