Simple Salad Dressing &Things I Can't Live Without In The Kitchen

Everyday Simple Salad Dressing
1 C Olive Oil
1/4 Vinegar, Balsamic, White Balsamic, Red Wine or your favorite
1 T Montreal Steak Seasoning

Combine all in a jar with a lid. Shake until mixed. Taste. Add more seasoning if desired. Use on your favorite salad.

Things I Can't Live Without In The Kitchen
Montreal Steak Seasoning: I use it on Tritip, chicken, steak and in dressings and dips. This great blend of spices adds zip & zing!
Parchment Paper: Line your baking pans with it and nothing will stick, like french fries & cookies. It makes clean-up a breeze. Yay!
An Immersion Blender: I call it a wand. I use it to make dressings, dips, hummus. It really makes making dips so much easier, you can do it right in the bowl. You can smooth out a sauce or soup right in the pan! Most also come with a mini chopping bowl accessory, I like this to chop garlic, herbs & vegetables. xo


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