Perfect Guacamole

I love making homemade guacamole and salsa so I always have fresh jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic and lime or lemon juice on hand. I make the base for the guacamole and keep it in the fridge, then all I have to do to make the guacamole is cut the avocados! xo

Guacamole Base
1 Fresh Jalapeno Pepper
1/2 Onion, Quartered
1 Roma Tomato or 5 Grape Tomatoes, Quartered
1/4 C Cilantro Leaves
Juice of 1 Lime or Lemon
1 Garlic Clove
1/2 t Salt or to taste
1/2 t Pepper
3 Avocados

Place all ingredients (but avocados) in the bowl of a food processor, pulse until all ingredients are roughly chopped. Halve avocados and remove pit, cut the avocado in the skin first vertically then horizontally, spoon into a bowl. Mix in 1/2 cup of the base mixture with the avocado. Taste for seasoning and add more if needed. Store remainder in refrigerator for up to a week.


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